In addition to providing manpower outsourcing services PT. Commercial Prima Servisindo (COPS) also practice the skills of workers labor security and employee.

Guard Service

Cleaning Service



Sales & Marketing


  • Receptionist
  • Office Boy

Security Services

We offer the following range of services to provide total security solutions designed to meet the needs of our customers.


Intelegen Security


Safety Consultant Services

Security System And Devices

VVIP, Event and Personal Guard

Working Area


PT. Commercial Prima Servisindo (COPS) still use the network support that comes from a good relationship, among others:

  • Enterprise Security Services Security Provider (BUJPP)
  • Company Manpower Services Providers
  • POLRI (Police of the Republic of Indonesia)
  • TNI (Army, Navy (Marinir), dan Air Force)
  • Department of Manpower and Transmigration.


  • License of CompanyNo. 29 Notaris Jakarta H. Feby Rubein Hidayat, SH
  • License of Company (the Company Law Board Approval) Minister of Justice and Human Rights No. C-02433 HT.01.01-TH.2007
  • Company Domicile Certificate No.606/1.824.1/2013
  • Business License (SIUP) No. 06914-01/1.824.271
  • Certificate of Limited Liability Company List No.
  • Tax Id Number No. 02.626.616.3-077.000
  • Taxable Employer Confirmation Letter No.PEM–3313/WPJ.06/KP.1603/ 2008
  • Certificate of Competence and Qualifications Company KADIN DKI Jakarta
  • Social Security membership certificate No. 0800000000466
  • License Operasional Company Service Provider employees / workers of the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration Nomor : 95/IOPPJPB/HIKP/JP/IV/2013
  • Letter Of Recommendation POLDA METRO for service permit Supply Security No. R/3645/VII/2013/Datro
  • Letter Of Recommendation POLDA METRO Permit for Security Consulting Services No. Pol : R/269/I/2007/Datro
  • License KAPOLRI Power Supplies for Industrial Security Services No. Pol. : SI/9456/XII/2013
  • License KAPOLRI for Business Security Consulting Services No. Pol : SI/06/I/2007