Being a professional BUJP company and obey government regulations


Providing Services to maximum customer satisfaction and placed anywhere on duty.
Create a conducive working environment for enterprise clients (service users) to contribute the maximum to the growth and survival of the company.
Working with passion, discipline, responsibility and loyalty to the profession as implementation in daily work with customers.

With education, training and ongoing coaching designed gradually and continuously, labor motivation and performance can be maintained and allowed to be improved. With the support of human resources and the best quality in the experience of the implementation of educational activities, training and coaching, PT. Commercial Prima Servisindo (COPS) currently has applicative modules and flexible to be implemented in a variety of places and regions, with not be fixed or dependent on one team and one venue alone, including personnel core team who are able to apply the modules already owned it. The standard means of support activities and applied by PT. Commercial Prima Servisindo (COPS) is: & nbsp;
  • Basic Training (In House Training), for new personnel to be placed at the client's location if needed replacement or addition of personnel from personnel (former client or contractor) previously; & nbsp;
  • Refresher Training, for personnel (former client or contractor) before; nbsp;
  • Training and Coaching Routine, for all personnel on duty; & nbsp;
  • Procurement and Training Response Unit; 5. Supervision plated, to all personnel on duty, By: Patrol, Sudden Inspection