PT. Commercial Prima Servisindo (COPS)

Is a business entity formed by young professionals in the field of Security Business and Outsourcing Business. PT. Commercial Prima Servisindo (COPS) founded on 26 September 2007 and formed to serve the segment of the market by looking the potential demand and the needs of existing, and with regard to the capabilities of their management.


Security is one of the many absolute requirement that must be met at this time. Daily activities can run smoothly, supported by a secure environment. Business activities can be managed with security that ensures all fieldsexample; transaction security, communication security, security on a business trip, security delivery security, storage securityetc, as well as well as personal and family security is included in our priorities. How we can run our day activities with both personal and family securityif weare not guaranteed? Our security and our loved ones as well as assets and property assets is a top priority. In terms of human resources increasingly fierce global competition. For example: regulatory issues of domestic enterprises are okten changed, make the business world in Indonesia need to apply smart and careful. Human resources is one the parts of the business that need to be managed intelligently and carefully, function as well as the means of production assets which is a unique characteristic. Various employment issues that arise is one of inhibiting movement speed business world. But on the other hand, human resources and standards of good quality, is one of the factors driving the rapid advancement of the business world. Answering for this concerns PT. Commercial Prima Servisindo (COPS) will provide security solutions as well as employment issuesfor you and your company.


Human resources management Outsourcing is an alternative method and solution many companies to focus on the main activities of their business, then we are one of the companies that offer these services, because the field of Outsourcing is our companys main business activity.